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Get clued in to the facts before making your move.

A certified home inspection helps prepare you for the unknown.

Mobile Displays

Intuitive Reporting

With no time to read lengthy text, get a report that prominently displays photos and videos of findings.
Priority organization
Reports are organized by priority deficiencies. Access descriptive information as needed.
Quick repair request tool
Create and share a repair request with media, request for repairs, replacement, credit, or custom text.
Easy navigation
Side navigation and jump links helps find the information quickly.

Same-day reporting 

Don't waste another minute during your home-buying experience. Clued Inspections guarantees same-day reporting, allowing you to get the information you need when you need it.

Buy-Back Guarantee

Because Clued Inspections is backed by InterNACHI, if we miss anything in our inspection covered by InterNACHI's Standards of Practice, the home may be eligible for the Buy-Back Guarantee.

The fine print:

  • A home with material defects not present at the time of the inspection, per InterNACHI's Residential Standards of Practice, is not eligible for buy-back;
  • A home with issues not required to be inspected, per InterNACHI's Standards of Practice, does not qualify for buy-back;
  • This Guarantee applies to the client's primary residence only;
  • The home must be relisted for sale with a licensed real estate agent;
  • The Guarantee may be honored for 90 days after closing;
  • The inspection must be performed by an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector® already participating in the Buy-Back Program; and
  • InterNACHI® will pay you the purchase price, but you are responsible for any applicable fees or real estate agent commissions.
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"All of our questions and concerns were answered. Report was easy to read! Will use CI again in the future and would recommend to everyone."
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How much will a home inspection cost?

An average home inspection in Texas can cost anywhere from $300-$550 or more, depending on several factors. Factors that can determine the inspection fee range from home size, home age, and home location, just to name a few.

It’s important to note you get what you pay for. Redfin reported the median home price in DFW at $387,000 in September of 2021. With such a large investment, ensure you’re getting all the information about the home’s current condition before committing to the purchase by hiring a qualified home inspector.  

CIued Inspections is certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI®). This affiliation allows us to offer exclusive programs like the Buy-Back Guarantee and the Honor Guarantee to assure Home Buyers their report will come from a qualified inspector and feel confident in their decision. 

Is a home inspection worth the price?

Because a home is a big purchase, many Home Buyers want to ensure they are doing due diligence before signing any paperwork. 

Without a certified professional Home Inspector, it may be easy for Home Buyers to overlook major issues that impact livability and the value of the home.

While an inspection doesn’t guarantee the home’s condition, it can help Home Buyers prepare for the unexpected, negotiate their asking price, and decide whether they want to move forward with the purchase.

How do home inspections compare to home warranties?

Think of a home warranty as insurance that may cover certain repairs to appliances, plumbing, electrical systems, as well as heating and air. While they can protect the home buyer, a home warranty may be offered as a part of a deal and may come with limitations and exclusions. 

A home inspection reports a comprehensive picture of the condition of the house and inspects non-mechanical and structural components that may not be offered in a home warranty. Knowing these issues ahead of time gives home buyers power to negotiate repairs, purchase price, and save themselves from headaches down the road should they decide to buy. 

How long will the home inspection take?

Depending on the house size, standard inspections range between 3 to 4 hours. A thorough, detailed inspection takes time, but you can expect your report delivered on the same day. 

Do I need to be at the inspection?

Homebuyers are not required to attend the inspection. However, we recommend attending so the homebuyer can get the most value from their inspection. Homebuyers can observe the inspector and ask questions throughout the process. This can help get a better understanding of the condition of the home and how to maintain it.

Can a house fail an inspection?

A home inspector does not pass or fail a house. An inspection will describe the house's physical condition and explain what components/systems may need repair or replacement. A home inspection is not an appraisal and will not determine the home's market value.

What if the inspection reveals a problem?

Every house has its kinks. The inspector will inform the homebuyer of the deficiency and severity of the defect. Homebuyers should be fully aware of any issues, risks, or health concerns that may impact the purchase decision. The inspector won't tell the clients if they should buy the house or not, but instead, help the homebuyer understand the full cost of ownership. If major problems are found, homebuyers can negotiate with the seller to make repairs or cover their costs

Trusted Inspector, Guaranteed Service.

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Licensed & Certified

As a Certified Professional Inspector, Andrew is certified and trained by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the world’s largest nonprofit association of residential and commercial property inspectors.

Andrew has acquired extensive home inspector training through InterNACHI’s rigorous Continuing Education curriculum, which includes dozens of live classroom, online, and video training courses, written by experts in their field, which have received more than 1,400 accreditations by state and governmental agencies throughout North America.

Our Mission

"Clued Inspections' mission is to provide the highest-quality inspections in North Texas. We succeed at this because of the integrity of our inspectors and support staff, our commitment to being respectful and considerate of our clients and of each other, and our passion for Continuing Education for learning the newest innovations of our industry."

- Andrew Castilleja, Owner

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